I understand what planning a wedding feels like.

Since 2005 I have captured hundreds of niagara weddings from start to finish. I have helped plan countless wedding days. I have worked with thousands of vendors.

I am a photo journalism grad and ex-news photographer - when I was in the market for a wedding photographer I knew what I was looking for. I was looking for competent and reliable, personable and comfortable I found a lot of people that were high on wedding industry hype - so many throwing around terms like “lifestyle” and “investment.” I found many soccer moms with cameras and a bunch of Uncle Bobs hoping for “easy” beer money on kijiji. 

We wanted strong clean properly exposed photos - we didn’t want “cheesy” or “trendy” - we wanted classic - epic and clean - plus I am a huge fan of candid moments - we wanted to work with someone with an easy going realistic personality that could blend in with our friends and family. We didn’t want to spend countless hours driving around everywhere - we wanted to be present and enjoy most of the day with our guests.

I wondered how many others were looking for something more … real

Since 2005 more than 500 Niagara couples have found I strike the right balance of reality, personality, quality and affordability.

Real & unscripted is best.

I prefer to capture your story as it happens - I have no problem directing when needed - I would rather be looking through a viewfinder than at a clipboard - we keep the family formals to a minimum - you give me 20 minutes alone before or after your ceremony and 10 minutes right around sunset - and I will create epic images for you - the rest of the time I like to blend in, hang out and capture all the sights, details and unscripted moments.

I have seen (almost) everything.

You do this once. I have done this hundreds of times. 

I am a current Nikon Pro Services member, accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada and ten year member of the Professional Photographers of America.

As a Vintage Hotels preferred partner I have captured more than 75 Vintage Hotels weddings.

I am grateful that most weekends April through October will book (some faster than others) - New Years Eve and the December holidays are always quite busy as well.

It is not uncommon for couples to secure their date 12 - 18 months in advance.

Please ask about special rates for events at:

Balls Falls

Inn on the Twenty

Queens Landing

Prince of Wales

Pillar and Post

Legends on the Niagara
Downtown St. Catharines
Lipa Park
Club Roma

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