Keeping it simple.

Ever wonder why so many wedding photographers websites look and sound the same?

Think its strange to refer to wedding photos as an investment?

A presidents honour roll Journalism grad and ex-newspaper photographer - I first discovered the wedding industry operates in its own bubble of "interesting" while looking to book a photographer myself in 2005.

We went looking for a quality finished product - we wanted to work with someone with a positive attitude and a sense of humour - we had little time for over the top artiste types, used car salesmen or people who wanted to be pretend best friends.

We were ready to spend a lot of money, however, finding the right connection was harder than it should have been. This lead me to think there must be a ton of people out there experiencing similar frustrations - I left the newspaper job and since then more than 500 Niagara couples have found I strike the right balance between quality and reality.

I am current Nikon Pro Services member, accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada and ten year member of the Professional Photographers of America.

As a Vintage Hotels preferred partner I have captured more than 75 Vintage Hotels weddings.


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